Welcome to the landing page of The Gentle Warriors' Trust, launched by Mrs. Ivy Singh-Lim on 26 March, 2015.


We call on all gentle and warrior-spirited women (and men!) to reach out to us, should you have a project or plan that needs help to get going. Please only use the email contact provided, and do not harrass Ivy in her golden years.


We endeavor to reply to emails within two weeks. Applications are considered on a rolling basis. 



The Gentle Warriors' Trust seeks to create a community of gentle but warrior-spirited, independent and socially engaged women who contribute to society at large.


The Trust will provide grants, loans and financial aid to applicants who wish to develop their skills, start enterprises and uplift the community around them. Funds will be allocated to individuals for educational and entrepreneural purposes, with the view that they use their skills to multiply the goodness around them. 


The majority of recipients and beneficiaries will be women, though men are not excluded from consideration. Grants and loans do not have a minimum or maximum quantum, and are considered case-by-case.